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On-Time Delivery: This is especially critical to customers in the education and manufacturing markets. Colleges and universities can’t delay the start of class and must open their doors on time. Manufacturers count on us to have everything in tip-top shape on a specified date so they can produce products and generate revenue.  Our dedication to proven processes, technology-driven scheduling tools and project controls help keep MACO on time, all the time.


Quality: The facilities we construct are a reflection of our clients. We make sure the buildings and systems we set into place are of the highest quality. Our lean construction practices save time and money, and help us consistently deliver exceptional quality.

General Contracting 


We first come to learn and understand your goal, vision and concept.  We approach all members and design team with a collaborative approach to serve the projects' success.  We manage and are responsible for all entities and subcontractors hired to complete the project.

Competitive Bid

Where the owner contracts separately with a designer and a contractor.  The design firm is hired to deliver 100 percent complete design documents. The owner or agent then solicits fixed price bids from contractors to perform the work. 

Design - Assist

Design Assist is the procurement method by which, prior to completion of design, a construction contract may be awarded on a best value basis pursuant to which a contractor provides design assistance to the architect or engineer of record through a design professional separately retained by the contractor

Construction Management

We come along side you, early on, to identify the goals of your project.  By partnering with your firm, we will help oversee the overall planning, coordination, and execution of the project.  We help select the most qualified firms and help to reduce any risks that may come about during a projects successful completion.

Agency CM

A fee-based service in which the construction manager is responsible exclusively to the owner and acts in the owner’s interest. The CM offers advice on project delivery but has no financial guarantee of responsibility to the owner.  Using a CM Agency delivery, the owner holds the subcontracts and assumes the risks of delivery including cost and schedule.  



We work under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion – thereby re-integrating the roles of designer and constructor





Project Programming Phase

-  Assist in preparing project needs assessment

-  Assist in preparing project program

-  Assist in preparing project budget

-  Assist in conduct of site/infrastructure due diligence studies

-  Develop Project Master Schedule

Project Design Phases

-  Provide Conceptual Estimate

-  Provide confirmation budgets at end of all design stages

-  Subcontractor Prequalification

-  Provide Constructability Review

-  Provide Value Engineering

-  Prepare Construction Schedule

-  Provide Site Staging Plan

-  Provide Project Safety Plan

-  Develop Project Security Plan

-  Develop Project Quality Assurance Plan

-  Conduct Bid Operations

-  Forecast Project Cash Flow

-  Qualify Bid Responses

-  Develop Project Mobilization Plan

-  Develop Project Reporting Protocol

-  Recommend / Select Subcontractor Team

-  Negotiate Trade Contracts

-  Issue Trade Contracts

-  Implement Project Mobilization



- Develop project organization

- Set up project temporary facilities

- Conduct Project Orientation Meetings

- Coordinate submittals and review process

- Expedite ordering and delivery of Long Lead items

- Establish site environmental controls

Obtain Permits

Project Management

-  Manage construction process

-  Maintain site environmental control

-  Manage Project Safety Plan

-  Maintain project organization

-  Implement and maintain quality assurance plan

-  Manage and coordinate delivery and storage of project materials and equipment, including long lead items

-  Manage and track Requests for Information and all submittals

-  Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reporting protocol

-  Conduct weekly project coordination meetings with project stakeholders

-  Conduct periodic progress meetings with owner

-  Conduct weekly trade contractor coordination meeting

-  Update project schedule

-  Prepare and update record documents

-  Provide monthly applications for payment

-  Analyze Change Order Requests

-  Negotiate Change Orders and issue Change Orders

-  Prepare and prosecute Project Punch List

-  Conduct Project Close out operations

-  Demobilize


- Commissioning 

- Warranty Period

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